Privacy and Security Statement

On 25 May 2018 the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) come into force. These regulations enhance the existing Data Protection Act (1998) and place a few more requirements on those who collect and process personal data, and gives more rights to those whose data is being processed.
It’s all very complicated and wrapped up in legal and technical language, (and you can look it up elsewhere if you’re minded) but the essence is that the processing of personal data should be legal, fair and transparent.
For Barkingside 21 it’s all pretty simple as we don’t do any of that profiling stuff or collect unnecessary data.
Personal Data
We only collect and store personal data that is necessary for us to function as a community group.
For members (and Donors) this is Name, Postal Address, Telephone number and email address. In addition we keep a record of membership subscription (donation) payments.
For the purposes of our electronic (email) mailing list we only require those who sign up via the web to give an email address (it wouldn’t work otherwise). Subscribers may also give their name but it is not obligatory.
Those who attend our meetings and choose to supply their details on an attendance sheet.
Data Use
The data we collect and process is used solely for the purposes of Barkingside 21 to carry out its function as a community group. We do not share information with any other third party without the consent of the individual concerned.
Data is used to send out hard copy newsletters, notifications of meetings, membership invitation or renewal reminders, and by email, notifications of new items on our website and other local news.
We keep these records on a secure database on a single password protected PC. The back-up is stored on a remote and secure hard drive. In addition email addresses and names (where supplied) are also kept on our web based password protected Mailchimp account. This account is capable of storing much more but that is all we keep there. There is also a record of mailouts sent and to whom.
Your Rights
If you have any queries, wish to see what records we hold about you, or have your right to be removed exercised, please contact us on
Alan Howe
Barkingside 21 data controller