Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Redbridge Today – Click and Collect

It’s that time of year when our council are putting together the next municipal year’s budget and as usual in recent years there are plenty of “savings”, or to put it another way cuts to services and new, more efficient, ways of working. That’s more efficient for them, not us. Hidden in the detail, and brought into the light by Cllr Duffell, is the proposal to stop delivering new or replacement recycling boxes and green garden waste bags.

However, the recycling boxes and green bags will still be supplied by the council “free of charge” but we have to order on-line (you could try to use the telephone and listen to a recording telling you how important your call is for 35 minutes if you want) and then go and collect them ourselves – from a “council building”, not forgetting our photo ID and proof that we are a Redbridge resident. There is no mention of which council building, whether there may be more than one of them, how accessible that building is, or whether we would have to pay to park for two hours, using RinGo, while we are waiting to be served as Mandy has been called out for First Aid and there is no cover.

There are some equality and disability issues here that need to be considered, for those who do not have private transport or would find it difficult to carry one of those boxes home using public transport. And then there are those residents who are keeping the UK economy afloat by way of gainful employment 9-5 Monday to Friday. Will that building be open for business at weekends?

To be clear this does not affect the recycling and green waste collection services which carry on as you were with lids and green bags slung onto your flower beds after they’ve been emptied into the collection truck, well most of it.

Taking some time off from photo opportunities and playing cricket the council leader, Cllr Jas Athwal, opened the batting with “Blah blah austerity, blah blah Tory government blah blah cuts, waffle, lost blah blah £166m, blah difficult choices, waffle, blah. Savings blah blah, efficiency waffle”. He went on (he usually does, at length): “blah blah priority, waffle, blah blah investing blah blah £300k, blah streets waffle cleansing”.

However, the leader of the opposition, Cllr Linda Huggett delivered a googly, “blah blah mess, waffle collection day, blah blah, punish, waffle blah residents”. She followed up with an off cutter, “blah hiding blah blah, mismanagement, waffle blah, can’t blah blah procure, waffle boxes. Blah blah cynical, waffle, deters, blah blah recycling”.

Of course none of this affects "the plan" to encourage the building of high rise, high value luxury flats changing the balance of housing mix in this a dormitory borough.


  1. Blah blah.. this is so disrespectful. These are important issues. Utter disrespect and disregard of the item of concern.

  2. Having moved away from the London Borough of Grotsville, we now have wheelie bins. Waste collection one week, recycling and green waste the next. There is an annual charge for the green waste but it is a lot lower than Grotsville were charging - and it takes a very energetic gardener to fill a 240 litre bin every two weeks!

    No lids, bins or bags thrown on flower beds, no trail of detritus down the street, no black bags to attract foxes who scatter waste all over the place and the wheelie bins don't crack or shatter like the bins and lids that miss the flower beds and meet the paved surfaces at high speed.

    What is there not to like? And the bi-weekly collections and savings on street cleaning required must surely empty the councils coffers much more slowly?