Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Redbridge Eye - Ring of Steel

Back in February there was a meeting on a Sunday afternoon at The Glade school at which so many local residents turned up that the meeting had to be held in the cold and windy playground as there were too many people to fit into the hall. The subject of the meeting was the alarming burglary rate that had hit the north of the borough over the preceding Christmas period.

Thankfully some of the culprits were caught and imprisoned and we have had a relatively quiet summer, but the dark evenings are upon us, so please make sure your home is secure and you have your internal lights on a timer for when nobody is home. There is loads of further advice on home security over on the Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch website, here.

At the aforesaid meeting one of the speakers was the Leader of Redbridge council who promised us action in the form of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras strategically placed around the borough so that they in partnership with the local Police can trace suspect vehicle movements in and out of the borough. This method is proven to reduce crime in the areas where it has already been introduced, including sites in Redbridge (which I’m not allowed to divulge).

This is a local authority we are dealing with here, so these things take a little time, but things are moving. The plans are in place and all they have to do now is complete the statutory public consultation which started today and ends on 2nd December. I can’t think of any reason to object unless you happen to be a burglar, criminal or other ne’er-do-well. Let’s hope they are in place for Christmas, we don’t want a repeat of last year.

The plan is to install an extra 41 ANPR cameras across the Borough of Redbridge to capture vehicle movements on key routes through the identification of the vehicle registration mark (VRM) of individual vehicles. Interestingly they are also targeting known hot spots for fly-tipping, and by definition known fly-tippers.

More information here on the introduction page to the online consultation, click. Do please let them know your views.


  1. ANPR cameras don't have to be hidden to be effective. I'm sure that the two cameras on the *removed by editor* - one at each end - which display registration numbers to drivers, must be an excellent way of warning the lower life forms "Don't bother to stop - we know who you are!".

    Of course, there aren't many places with only two entry/exit points like this. The other downside is that it doesn't stop the really determined scumbags from returning with false number plates.

  2. Hmmm, *removed by editor*. Why, I wonder since they are designed to be seen and, as they are on the well signed diversionary route that avoids the 'No Right Turn' from **** Road into #### Road (saved you the bother of censoring those!), I would imagine that they would be well known by a significant number of the borough's residents.

    Another similar installation will be well known by all users of the car park of one branch of a well known supermarket in the borough, so why censor something which is deliberately intended to be seen?

    Posting the location of a covert installation would, of course, be completely different.

    1. Yes Terry, they are designed to be seen - when someone is driving past, so local residents who use that road will know it's there. What we don't want is for out of borough crims, who may be targeting Redbridge (and may well read this blog) to know they are there before they get here, so they can take a different route and avoid them.

    2. I had thought there were only two ways into that area but, on closer inspection, I see there are actually four. And guess what? The other two are also protected by ANPR cameras!

      By the very nature of what goes on in that area, many visitors will be from outside the borough anyway, so their existence will be known about over a very wide area.

      I wonder if any of the lower life forms have access to a helicopter?