Friday, May 04, 2018

Redbridge Round-Up – Local Election Report

Firstly, congratulations to all those candidates who were elected and commiserations to those who were not, especially where it was by a fine margin of a dozen votes or so. So, the big headline is that Labour have increased their majority on Redbridge Council from 9 to a massive 39. Labour took 51 seats with the Conservatives collapsing to only 12 and the LibDems were wiped out.

On the personnel front we already knew that we would be getting at least 18 new councillors as previously reported – they had “stepped down” for various reasons not all of their own choosing, although we do know that at least 2 of them have been elected elsewhere. As the results came through a further 10 existing councillors lost their seats, they are:

Conservatives: Ashley Kissin, Karen Packer, Robert Cole (deputy group Leader), Alan Weinberg (former leader of the council) Mahboob Chaudhary, Jeevah Haran, Michelle Dunn and Christopher Cummins (although this last one was standing as a “paper” candidate).
Liberal Democrat: Gwyneth Deakins
Labour: Lloyd Duddridge (who stood in a non-target ward due to boundary changes and lost by 12 votes)

As with the 18 we wish them all well with whatever future role they may take or even retirement.

This means there will be 26 new faces on the council chamber benches and 26 maiden speeches to get through – this may take some time. Ah! 18 and 10 make 28, I hear you say. Well, 2 of the 28 are comeback kids - Ruth Clark (formerly a Conservative Councillor in Aldborough) and Shoaib Patel for Labour (formerly a Liberal Democrat councillor in Valentines and Cabinet Member during the 2010-2014 Con/LibDem run council).

As you would expect from the headline figure most of the 26 are Labour, but there is some interesting and FIT new talent in the depleted Conservative ranks.

Labour: Jyotsna Islam, Judith Garfield, Martin Sachs, Mohammed Khaled Noor, Hannah Chaudhry, Rosa Gomez, Sunita Bhamra, Mohammed Uddin, Shamshia Ali, Vanisha Solanki, Sham Islam, Sadiq Kothia, Namreen Chaudhry, Chaudhary Iqbal, Saira Jamil, Beverley Brewer, Sareena Sanger, Jo Blackman, Paul Donovan, Daniel Morgan-Thomas and Syeda Saima Ahmed.

Conservative: Anita Boateng, Stephen Adams, Clark Edward Vasey, Howard Berlin (a key player in the Save Oakfield campaign) and Michael Duffell.

We do not as yet know all of these, but I’m sure we will find out sooner or later, especially the local ones in the north of the borough.

On to the family connections. We have Mr & Mrs Sachs and Mr & Mrs Islam. We also have 2 Bhamras at the same address but we do not know their relationship. There were 2 Mohammed Uddins, one who was elected for Labour and one who lost for the Conservatives, but we are reliably informed they are not the same person. Oh, and we are also informed that the Labour ranks include the daughter and grand daughter of a former prominent local Conservative.

In total there were 218,363 votes cast and (bearing in mind that Labour and Conservative were the only parties to contest every seat) Labour took 58.4% of the vote and 81% of the seats with the Conservatives amassing 35.3% of the vote and 19% of the seats. Here's a map of how it now looks.

The last Conservative councillor in Ilford South constituency has fallen. Barkingside, Clayhall and  Fullwell wards have been swept up by Labour. Now maybe they can sweep our streets? Gains also for Labour in the west but difficult to quantify due to boundary changes and new ward names.

So we start another 4 year term with Labour rampant and the Conservatives licking their wounds. I’m sure they will get over the shock pretty quickly and get down to the important business of holding this Labour council to account.

The full list of results is here.


  1. Lloyd Duddridge,lost in Bridge ward by only 12 votes,for Labour.

    Scott Wilding in Wanstead Village ward and Alex Wilson in Churchfield ward for the Conservatives,only lost by 10 votes, in each ward.

    Soul destroying.I am sure they will do better in 2022,or earlier if we have any by-elections,over the next four years.

  2. I have just read on the Ilford Recorder website the current leader of the Conservative group Paul Canal who has been the leader for only four years,is standing down as leader,mid-May. Great decision.All the political heavyweights have now retired or were defeated this week,from the Conservative group.Hard times for the Tories in Redbridge.

  3. I am advised Paul Canal,current leader of the Tories,was crowned and did not face an election in 2014. Hopefully,there will be a contest this month for leader and deputy leader of the Conservative group. However,there are only twelve Tories to choose from.Not much choice.Quite a few of the twelve are new councillors!!

    1. We know that Emma Best and Tom McLaren stood down but were elected in other places. So it is possible that the new intake may have previous on their CV that we don't know about.

      Not sure if Redbridge Tories have had a female leader before, certainly not in my memory, but I think they'll have one now.

  4. I am not sure if any of the new Redbridge Tories have councillor history elsewhere.Maybe,the present Tory leader will advise us. As for a female leader,Joyce Ryan,Linda Huggett,Sue Nolan and Ruth Clark,who have been on our council before this election. Interesting times,if interesting, is the correct word,if any of these women are elected.