Thursday, May 31, 2018

Nature News – Wild Redbridge

Here are a few snippets of what we learned at our last coffee morning when Redbridge Nature Conservation Ranger, Karen Davie, came to give us a talk on what’s happening on the wild side of Redbridge.

Curious Dragonflies
Streams and rivers light up through late spring and early summer with dragonflies and damselflies.
London Wildlife Trust are working in partnership with Vision RCL Nature Conservation Ranger Team to help us understand the health and quality of Redbridge Rivers and Wetlands through surveying dragonflies and damselflies. Look out for the free workshops across London on the website

Claybury Park Reptiles
We've recently put dark grey reptile mats (approximately 50x50cm) in Claybury Park. These will help us to record presence of species which we suspect might be living here by encouraging reptiles to bask on the mats, allowing us to record them. If you see the mats, please leave them where they are. Our volunteer surveyors will be doing the rounds to record what they find, and we'll update you over the next few months!

Stag Beetles
When was the last time you saw or heard a stag beetle?
These beetles are thriving in London, which is great news, especially considering the decline in the species on the continent.
Stag Beetles live most of their lives as larvae in dead wood, emerging in the adult form from May to July. Males flying around with those huge 'antlers' and females laying low, emitting pheromones, with the intention of finding a mate to breed.
London Wildlife Trust are collecting data on where and when they are found. Report your sightings at

I did the Hedgehogs in an earlier post.

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