Friday, May 25, 2018

Debbie Thiara Elected as New Redbridge Civic Mayor

As is customary on this blog at this time of year we welcome the New Redbridge Mayor. This year we have the pleasure of Debbie Kaur Thiara, who is a councillor in Aldborough Ward. Her chosen charity is ELHAP which is an adventure playground facility for disabled and disadvantaged children, young people and adults located in Roding Lane North, Woodford Bridge.

In a change of recent tradition, she has reverted to just the one charity and has made a fine choice. Cllr Thiara grew up in Redbridge, although we are not sure if it was Redbridge back then and was a Civil Servant for 30 years before opening her own children’s nursery. Her passion is all about the future and giving children the best possible start in life.

She has also set out to highlight the borough’s heritage and will be revealing her favourite places to walk as time goes by.

She takes over from Councillor Linda Huggett who steps into the role of Leader of the Opposition with Howard Berlin as her FIT deputy.

The Deputy Mayor will be Councillor Taifur Rashid.

We note that the Mayor’s blog (and the Council Leader’s blog) on the council website have fallen by the wayside so we hope these will be resurrected, otherwise we won’t be able to follow her activities through the year.

Note: The Redbridge Mayor is not a political position like with some of our neighbours across the border. It is a civic position, the Mayor being our First Citizen representing us at functions etc and chairing Full Council meetings. The Mayor does though get to ride around in a chauffeur driven car, wear a big necklace and a heavy red robe with furry trimmings.

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