Friday, January 12, 2018

Fairlop Quarry Nature Reserve is Imminent

It’s taken a while, over 10 years to be precise, but it looks like the Nature Reserve at the quarry works behind the Dick Turpin and to the south of Painters Lane is about to be completed and open to the public. See posts from 2007 and 2010.

The new Chair of the Aldborough Hatch Defence Association, Jenny Chalmers, noticed some activity on the site and took her dog for a walk down there to see what was going on. She discovered two notice boards, one at the entrance to the permissive bridleway and another further along by a “look out”.

Jenny said, “A big orange machine was cutting down all the willow and the metal fence is being replaced by a stock fence, which makes quite a difference to the look and feel of the place. They have also cleared a bit of ground by the bend in the bridleway near to Seven Kings Water and the new pond is filling up nicely”.

Just in time for spring and a new place to go for a walk and watch the wildlife. From Fairlop Waters take the south exit at the Henge Gate into Station Road and then take the bridleway to St Peters Church, turn left and in a short distance the quarry bridleway is on the right, just south of the Dick Turpin.


  1. I've walked along that bridleway a couple of times already in the last year or so. The first time I ventured along it, out of curiosity, to see where it went, I saw a muntjac deer and lots of rabbits. Since then I've enjoyed standing at the two lookout points and just enjoying the silence and peace of the place. It's good that this will survive as a wildlife reserve and protect the lovely rural feel that this little enclave of Aldborough Road still has.

  2. How long before this Council decides it is no longer performing a greenbelt function and that it should be developed for housing instead?