Thursday, December 21, 2017

Round the Horn – New Crossing for Plumbers

In the latest round of the “war on the motorist” a new signalised crossing has been installed in Horns Road just south of the junction with Craven Gardens. Apart from providing a safe crossing point for the residents of the new Barnardos development to access Barkingside Tube Station, it will also be quite handy for the children and parents of the enlarged Avanti school, as well as plumbers needing a new stop cock at Babsons.

The price is, of course, that it will inevitably put two seconds on the average private car journey causing much frustration and high blood pressure, particularly among those owners whose car can travel at 150mph when the average speed for a car trip in London remains at about 16mph (and about half that in central London and outer London Town Centres).

There was already a signalised crossing on Horns Road a little further down by the junction with Princes Road, plus the two sets of lights within just a few yards of each other at the end of Tanners Lane opposite the ex-Police Station. There were plans to remove the crossing outside Sainsburys but this seems to have fallen by the wayside in favour of elderly shoppers who want to get to the bus stop on the other side of the road.

We also understand that Redbridge Council have no plans to install a yellow box junction and CCTV camera to alleviate the grid-lock caused by impatient and selfish car drivers at the Tanners Lane / Cranbrook Road junction after they were accused today of using such measures to compensate for lost income from central government at the other end of Horns Road where the CCTV was installed back in July of this year.


  1. It's good to have that crossing there, but I felt the new lights would have been better if they'd been controlling the Craven Gardens/Tanners Lane junction. It does seem rather silly having two sets of pedestrian lights within a hundred yards or so of each other when that junction is crying out for some control. Pedestrians could still have used the crossing and it would've been safer for everyone, pedestrians, bus and car drivers alike.

  2. It would have been much better surely to have put lights on Craven Gardens - many pedestrians would benefit as they go to and from Barkingside Station....really difficult to cross the road safely there with all the traffic swinging round into Craven.