Sunday, December 31, 2017

Let’s Take Back Control in 2018

It’s nearly a new year, 2017’s dying embers are about to regenerate, so let’s be optimistic. It’s time to discard those traditional New Year resolutions that never seem to quite work out for a set that are not just doable at an individual level, but can also transform our environment and social wellbeing.

Courtesy of the Huffington Post some big eco-friendly celebs have given their recommendations but you’ll have to click here to find out who said what. Here's my take on them.

Switch to a Green Energy Supplier

The big two are Ecotricity and Good Energy and what’s more they are English companies, unlike the big six energy suppliers who are all owned by foreign governments. Yes, they are Nationalised Industries except they are not owned by the UK, but by France, Germany, Holland and China. If you are with one of the big six you are subsidising foreign taxpayers. Think about that in the context of Brexit. Here’s the Money Supermarket on Green energy.

Carry a material bag, a refillable water bottle and a re-useable coffee cup.

Also say no to plastic straws and don’t flush away wet wipes or cigarette ends. These small lifestyle changes will all add up to cut the plastic we use and make a huge difference to the future health of our environment, our support eco-systems and wildlife, not to mention our drains.

Plan meals to reduce food waste and compost organic waste in a home compost.bin

Change the way you think about what you consume and discard that is unnecessary. Live positively with less impact. No excuses here in Redbridge. Discount Compost bins available here.

Buy your fresh produce, like fruit and vegetables, loose whenever possible

“This is often easier to do from local fishmongers or vegetable markets. I understand the ease of running to a supermarket, but it’s great for both the community and the planet to support local and to reduce how much packaged food you buy when possible.”

Lobby your MP

Don’t just sit there seething, tell ‘em. But for heavens sake don’t use one of those lobbying template letters. Make it personal – use your own words in your own way. Keep it short and sweet (MPs have a limited attention span, 140 characters will suffice for Wes Streeting) and if you have to use hand-writing don’t use green ink. Or you could actually seek him out at one of his celeb local visits and give him 140 characters of ear ache.

Reduce intake of meat and dairy

You don’t have to go the full-on Veganuary. But you should note that producing livestock for us humans to eat contributes 14.5% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. Why not try the alternatives like oat milk and nut butter?

“Making a switch to a plant-based diet with less meat and dairy is a New Year’s resolution that’s good for you and the planet. It’s also easier and tastier than you might think.”

Shop ethically

This is not just about ethics but also about economics. It’s about keeping your spend in the community and not having it sucked up and deposited in an off shore tax haven. Ethical companies tend to be small entrepreneurial outfits who when successful set the agenda for the larger non-tax paying corporations. Even if they are not here in the UK the Fair Trade mark means more economic power to local communities.

When you whip out your card, purse or wallet, think twice about where your money is going.

Happy New Year.

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  1. Could I add a couple of suggestions? Eat seasonally: English cabbage, sprouts kale etc. travel far fewer miles that green beans from Kenya, and you will enjoy fresh green beans all the more for having done without them for a while. Also, frozen veg is often grown in the UK - check the bag.

    Secondly, travel by public transport whenever possible. Using the buses and trains proves that we need them and short journeys by car are very wasteful of fuel and therefore bad for your wallet as well as the air quality.