Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Redbridge hawkers, chasers, skimmers and damsels

These are Dragonflies. There is also the brilliant banded demoiselle, the resplendent ruddy darter, the evocative emerald damselfly and the magnificent migrant hawker.

These insects, collectively known as Odonata, are with us from May to September lighting up our rivers, streams and ponds with their dazzling displays of darting flight. They thrive where the water is clean and are an excellent indicator species for healthy ecosystems.

While they do spend most of their life close to water some species are capable of travelling up to 2Km in search of food and indeed I have seen huge luminous blue dragonflies in my garden. I’m not far from the river Roding and the wonderful Redbridge Lakes.

But little is known about their distribution across London and the London Wildlife Trust is seeking your support in tracking their whereabouts.

If you see one of these incredible insects when you’re out and about, just visit the website and record what you’ve seen. Here’s what to look for.

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