Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Redbridge Flats Recycling League

The game is on. There are points and prizes to be won. If you live in a block of flats in Redbridge you should have a communal rubbish bin and a communal recycling bin. If you haven’t then get on to Redbridge council and complain. If you have then you are in the game and the more you and your neighbours recycle the better chance you have of topping the League of Flat Recyclers.

The Redbridge Flats Recycling League provides quarterly prizes (between the value of £500-800) to two blocks of flats that recycle the most. The scheme is funded by central government.

Currently Redbridge are giving out prizes to the second quarter winners: Althorne Gardens E18 block 29-36 chose weekly fruit/vegetable boxes and Raine Gardens IG8 chose gardening equipment and there are other choices too.

How does it work?

Every three months prizes will be offered to two blocks of flats:
Winner 1: The block that recycles the most
Winner 2: The block that makes the best improvement in recycling
All bins will be checked when emptied every two weeks to measure improvements in recycling. Please note only items that can be recycled will count and will be collected for recycling. If more people recycle, the more chances your block will have to win.
Every three months we will be in contact with the winning residents to discuss how to spend the prize money. Smaller blocks can win prizes worth £500 and larger blocks can win £800.
All blocks of flats are automatically entered into the scheme.

Free reusable orange bags are available at one of the six flagship libraries:
Woodford Green, Hainault, Gants Hill, Wanstead, Goodmayes & Redbridge Central.

We do not know why our magnificent library at Fullwell Cross, Barkingside, has not been given the status of a flagship. We are sunk. Maybe they think there are no flats in Barkingside?

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