Friday, July 14, 2017

The Valentine Pub to be a 10 storey Hi-Rise

The Valentine Pub in Perth Road Gants Hill is the subject of a planning application by Tide Construction Limited who wish to demolish the iconic 1930s building and replace it with a 10 storey block of flats, mostly one bedroom (the size of a box room in a traditional 3 bed semi) aimed at first time buyers, singles and couples, otherwise known as "buy-to-let".

The development opposite on the former Odeon site should fill prospective buyers with the confidence to part with their cash …

Hat/tip Ilford Recorder: Read more here.


  1. Presumably those flats would be 'affordable'? Great weasel word that one. It's bandied about by politicians and do-gooders alike and it means...absolutely nothing! Well not quite. Anything is 'affordable' if you're David Beckham or Richard Branson but if it's cheap enough even B21 could afford it. So, yes, 'affordable' does mean absolutely nothing. So the next time you read about someone spouting on about 'affordable' housing just ask 'to whom?'.

  2. You mean Scaffold Towers? How anyone can live in that place all this time beats me but I guess the developers are laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. ......and so yet another iconic building, part of the history of our area, is to bite the dust....and provide yet more flats, with yet more traffic, yet more "where are they going to park" and yet more passengers for an already overcrowded Central line.

    When is this desecration of our local history going to end? We will lose the Dr Johnson, we have already lost the iconic buildings in Perth Road that were the old Depot and the similarly iconic buildings that were Kelvin Hughes in New North Road. Why is there no pride any more in what our once lovely area had to offer.

    It's only by a miracle that Valentines Mansion survived. I grieve for what we are losing in an area I have lived in and loved all my life.

  4. Some people may take this the wrong way and the way it is not intended however....Barkingside, Ilford, Gants Hill is a highly populated Asian community. They do not drink much, if any alcohol so do not frequent pubs.

    I agree with the post about parking, trafic and over crowded trains, not to mention doctors, dentists and so on.....