Wednesday, July 12, 2017

KGH A&E Update

Last Monday (10th July) there was an adjournment debate in the House of Commons on the subject of the future of our A&E department at King George Hospital. It was lead by Mike Gapes MP (in whose constituency the A&E resides, at least for now) and supported by other local MPs including our own Wes Streeting.

We did not get the response we wanted, but that’s not the point. This is politics and they are not going to admit they were wrong or back down – see the immediate previous post. But we have to keep applying the pressure and that’s part of why those two local MPs were elected with inflated majorities.

Here’s the report in the Ilford Recorder.

And one in the WW Guardian

And here’s the full transcript of the debate.


  1. Interestingly, last week a friend of mine had a fall (in Barkingside High Street), she waited for an Ambulance (promptly arrived within minutes) and was expecting to be taken to King George's A&E. She was informed by a Paramedic that "the King George's A&E Department has been closed" - she ended up at Queens in Romford. ...... I this true? ALREADY?

  2. I've been told that the King George's A&E is now only open to walk-in cases, and that it is no longer accepting ambulances. Eventually, there will be nothing left to save!