Monday, July 03, 2017

It’s Climatarian week

Yes it is. Today Monday 3rd July marks the start of a week long campaign with a theme of “Healthy climate on the menu”. Of course you don’t have to stop next Sunday. The idea is to get you interested so you carry on eating with the climate in mind.

The aim is to highlight the impact that food has on the climate and show how easy it is to cut our carbon emissions through our food choices.

Climatarians are people who eat with the climate in mind. Climatarian foods include pork, poultry, dairy, fruit, vegetables and sustainably sourced fish. Seasonal, local and organic fruit and veg are the most climate friendly, low carbon options while beef and lamb have the highest climate impact.

Eating less meat overall and preventing food waste can reduce your footprint even further. High-welfare, free-range, organic, grass fed and unprocessed meat helps to limit other health and climate impacts. Here's some handy recipes.

People in the UK can save a tonne of CO2e a year by making everyday meals climatarian. That is roughly equivalent to halving the average UK driver’s mileage, but much easier to do.

Climates Network launched the climatarian diet in 2015, based on sound scientific research that shows that food is responsible for 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions and that beef and lamb have five times more impact than pork or poultry. While a vegan diet is the most climate friendly, recent research has shown that despite our environmental concerns, the majority of us are not prepared to go vegan or vegetarian. The climatarian diet is a realistic solution to a real problem. It is designed to be easy and effective, offering a way for people to help cut UK greenhouse gas emissions by 10% or more without really altering their lifestyle.

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