Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Doctor Johnson to be Co-op Mini Mart

Supermarket chain the Co-op has submitted a planning application to turn the Doctor Johnson pub in Longwood Gardens into a convenience store, which they say will have an in-store bakery, locally sourced produce and a focus on fresh, healthy foods and essentials.

If planning permission is granted work should start and be completed next year, 2018.

Hat/tip Ilford Recorder: Read more here.


  1. At least the building will be saved from demolition - the fate off so much of Redbridge that was good. I feared Redbridge Council might dig the land for gravel - for they seem hell bent on destroying St Peter's Church in Aldborough Hatch with the changed water table and killing residents with cancer-borne dust as yet more gravel is taken out so close to homes and community facilities. Not that they care!

  2. I hope that the building itself survives, it is one of the iconic parts of Clayhall's history and doesn't deserve to bite the dust as so many of our other local buildings have done.