Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ilford Forest

This evening I had a date with John Howard, the Redbridge cabinet member for something or the other. He was late. Apparently he has a drink problem and had spilled his coca cola, resulting in a rather embarrassing damp patch.

So while we were all waiting and after we had eaten all the sandwiches I had a look out of the 7th floor window of Lynton House. My oh my!

I was expecting to see row upon row of terraced housing roofs. But no, all I could see was a forest of trees. So much for the notion that people are concreting over their back gardens.

Here’s a closer look, Spot those magnificent wind turbines in the distance? Probably down on the A13 where the Ford works used to be. Why haven’t we got any?


  1. Please can we have wind turbines in the Melbourne Field corner of Valentines Park? They've got to be quieter than the funfairs Redbridge Council expects us to endure all spring and summer.

  2. Sorry Alan, most of the trees aren't in our little back gardens, they are in the parks, playing fields and open spaces that the Local Authority wants to build all over.

    1. Well, Patsy, that's what I thought so I checked on Google Earth and they are really trees in back gardens. Big ones ...

  3. Roger Backhouse3:22 pm, June 21, 2017

    When I moved to Ilford in 1974 there were a lot of trees in front gardens. Many retained the two lime trees probably planted when the houses were built in late Victorian times. Not so when I left Ilford two years go. Almost all front garden trees have gone now, the frontages are now bleak strips of concrete where people park their cars in which they never seem to go anywhere.

    There are quite a few large trees behind houses though they are mostly sycamores. Much better than no trees but dare I say some are too big for an urban environment?

    Rather too many back gardens have also been paved over. No wonder hedgehogs don’t have a chance.

    Redbridge Council used to be quite good at putting tree preservation orders on back garden trees but I wonder if they now have the resources to do this (and follow up reports of cutting down trees) . There was a lovely magnolia on Thorold Road, perhaps it is still there. I managed to get a TPO on it and later stopped the tenant (who was acting at the landlord’s behest) hacking it down to make space for car parking. I fear some residents are morons with no appreciation of the value trees and gardens add to neighbourhoods.