Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wes Streeting, Labour
- #IlfordNorth #GE2017

Intro: All known candidates for the Ilford North constituency in the 2017 General Election have been offered 400 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received. Click the GE2017 label below to see all in one view. We also have Hustings on May 25th.

Two years ago, Ilford North voters put their faith in me to represent our community in Parliament and I have repaid that trust through hard work. I’m asking for your support again so I can continue fighting your corner.

I’m proud of the practical difference I’ve made locally, working alongside local residents on campaigns that really matter. Together, we won step-free access at Newbury Park tube station, with work due to start later this year. I’ve helped thousands of individual residents and raised local issues in the House of Commons – as one of Parliament’s most active MPs.

The Conservatives are aiming for a landslide majority at this election and you need to think very carefully about the kind of representative you want to send to Parliament after June 8th.

Saving King George A&E was the very first issue I raised in Parliament. Since then, working with residents, I gained over 10,000 signatures on my parliamentary petition, rallied the community to march for the A&E and constantly challenged ministers and leading officials in the NHS to make the case for our local A&E.

We all know that the decision to close the A&E has already been taken and unless the Health Secretary reverses that decision, it will go ahead. That has not stopped the Conservatives from putting out literature stating ‘King George A&E: to remain open’. They even brought Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt here to offer mealy-mouthed words about the A&E remaining open ‘for the foreseeable future’. These claims were picked apart on Barkingside 21’s own blog.

There is absolutely no room for complacency. Unless we fight to save King George A&E we will lose it. It is very clear that a Conservative MP would rather offer misleading assurances than lead the fight to save it.

It’s not just the A&E that’s at threat from a Conservative government. Every school in Ilford North is facing real terms budget cuts, which is why head teachers are speaking out. We’ve seen a serious cut back in police officers under the Tories, which led the former Met Police Commissioner to speak out.

I’ve shown through my actions that I’m an independent-minded MP who’ll always put our community first, not a ‘yes man’ who will just toe the party line.

You’re my boss, I love working for you and I hope you’ll back me to carry on standing up for Ilford North.

Wes Streeting is a Barkingside resident and is Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Ilford North


  1. Wes,maybe if you had a leader which you support,you might become a, "yes man."

    I do not believe Lee is a yes man,as you describe him.

    1. Lee Scott is a total yea man. He pledged to vote against a rise in tuition fees but when his party decided to raise them Lee refused to go against his party. Yet we are expected to believe he will go against his party about A&E? It will be another forgotten promise.

  2. We need to bear in mind that a vote for Wes does NOT mean we get Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister apart from a Trumpian miracle. However if Wes loses his seat as a result of J.C.'s shortcomings we lose a first class Member of Parliament, a very honourable and hard-working M.P. who has proved in his short time in that position that he is capable of great things. I see in this man a future Prime Minister. Let's keep him as a valuable asset to this constituency