Monday, May 01, 2017

UKIP & Greens Withdraw - #IlfordNorth #GE2017

While we await 400 word statements from Wes Streeting (Labour) and Lee Scott (Conservative) we note the tactical withdrawal of both UKIP and The Green Party in the Ilford North constituency for the General Election 2017.

Whilst we have not been able to confirm the UKIP withdrawal it has been widely reported in the local press. The Green Party statement is here on their website.

On the news of the UKIP withdrawal Lee Scot is said to be “over the moon” while Wes Streeting distanced himself saying he “would not want any endorsement from the ‘toxic’ right wing party”. See Ilford Recorder.

But while we have no “official” statement from UKIP endorsing a “Brexit” candidate in Ilford North, The Green Party has endorsed the candidature of Wes Streeting citing his support for electoral reform and his backing of the Caroline Lucas Electoral Reform Bill last year.

Mr Streeting said he was “proud to have the support of Green voters to defeat the Bluekip alliance”. Mr Scott is yet to comment.

The Green candidate last time out, David Reynolds said: “To resist Tories' extreme Brexit and hard-right populism, progressives should cooperate in seats like Ilford North. We call on the LibDems to show the same maturity in Ilford North and recognise defeating the Tories trumps narrow party interests”.

Here are two 80 second interviews with the two main riders provided by the Ilford Recorder.

We understand that the Liberal Democrat, Richard Clare, will be filming his 80 seconds tomorrow, Tuesday. And here it is, a bit late (18 May) but ...

The result for Ilford North in 2015 was:

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