Monday, May 29, 2017

Doris Osen, Independent
- #IlfordNorth #GE2017

Intro: All known candidates for the Ilford North constituency in the 2017 General Election have been offered 400 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received. Click the GE2017 label below to see all in one view. Our Hustings were last week and Doris completes the set.

In Britain, this wonderful country, are millions of good, kind, hard working, generous, empathetic and considerate people who love and are loved by their families and friends. Many of those same people are cheats, tax dodgers, liars, criminals, lazy, indolent, selfish and self serving. Company directors who accept huge salaries and bonuses but pay their workers a pittance, the benefit scroungers, tax evaders and avoiders both rich and poor, bankers who charge enormous interest rates on loans but pay miniscule amounts to investors, and particularly politicians who benefit from private medical care and private education themselves but accept a failing NHS and inadequate state schools for the less fortunate. I am not knocking the wealthy, the entrepreneurs, the innovators. We need them provided they are honest, fair, and treat people justly. I have little sympathy with anyone who is profligate or lazy and expects society to support them.

Why am I so concerned about the people who, often through no fault of their own, are homeless, lonely, living in poverty, drowning in debt, struggling to make ends meet, cannot afford a proper home, have to live with parents, and worse, are dying unnecessarily in hospitals, or committing suicide because they cannot cope?

Looking at the bigger picture, the whole system in this country is flawed and it is only the Government who can change it. I want the chance to change people's lives for the better. If enough people voted for me, I could be elected for Ilford North. Honest, dedicated and determined. I think outside the box and have original ideas.

Who else has suggested that prisoners should either pay for their keep or work for it … or that every school should have workshops nearby so that non-academic 15 and 16 year olds can learn technical skills … or that Backbenchers in Parliament, without specific jobs, should each be given the responsibility to cover a specified area investigating, say, tax evasion, tax avoidance, zero hour contracts, benefit fraud, undeserved bonuses etc?

So how will you vote? Stick to your principles and don't vote for parties you don't really want, candidates you don't really like, leaders you don't really trust?




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