Monday, May 22, 2017

Care in the Community

What with all the excitement of the General Election I almost missed another election back on 11th May when Redbridge Council elected their Mayor for the coming Municipal year.

So, as usual we welcome Linda Huggett whose theme for the year is “Care in the community” and her chosen charities are St. Francis Hospice and Haven House. You can read her bio here and follow her activities throughout the year on the Mayor’s blog here.

In a role reversal her deputy is Ashley Kissin who was Mayor in 2014 with Linda as his deputy.

This is not a political position. It is a civic position, the Mayor being our First Citizen representing us at functions etc and chairing Full Council meetings. The Mayor also gets to ride around in a chauffer driven car, wear a big necklace and a heavy red robe with furry trimmings.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps one day I will be able to ride around in a chauffeur driver car and wear a big necklace - but not too sure about the red robe with furry trimmings, thank you very much!