Thursday, April 06, 2017

Oakfield – Council Leader Invited to Public meeting: Tonight

Such is the local community interest in the Oakfield Playing Fields campaign that we are holding our second Public Meeting at 7.30 pm on 6th April at the Jack Carter Pavilion. The reason why the protection of Green Belt Oakfield, against Redbridge Councils plans to sell off our precious land to a property developer, is so important to the Redbridge community is because if Oakfield is lost then any green or open space is under threat from Redbridge Council.

All Labour and Lib Dem Councillors who voted to concrete Oakfield are invited to attend and speak. We hope the Leader of our Council, Cllr Athwal, attends in order to listen to our local community where he will learn about the importance of green open space and playing fields. We encourage him to learn about the benefits of sporting activity to both young and old.

Redbridge Council’s plans are to build on six Green Belt sites across Redbridge (including Oakfield). The London Mayors manifesto commitment is not to build houses on Redbridge Green Belt. This commitment has been backed with the Mayors formal objection to our Councils Green Belt housing development plans and has been submitted to the Planning Inspector. At last months Local Forum I asked Cllr Athwal if he was hoping that the London Mayor would break his election manifesto pledge not to build on Redbridge Green Belt. It was not surprising that the Leader of our Council was unable to answer my question!

The important issue of Green Belt is not Conservative v Labour as both parties at London Assembly level and nationally have similar policies. What Oakfield is really about is Redbridge Council trying to tear up established Green Belt legislation so they can sell the land to a property developer. Redbridge Council have shown over their Oakfield plans that they do not care about the local community as they refuse to listen, they do not care about destroying our best playing fields and they do not understand about the huge benefits of sporting activity. 2000 sportsmen and woman use Oakfield every week at no cost to our Council. This is why Redbridge Councils plans are isolated and with no support.

We call on the Leader of our Council to attend the public meeting tonight and tell us that Redbridge have withdrawn Oakfield Playing Fields from the Local Plan.

Howard Berlin
Save Oakfield Society

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