Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nudge, Nudge – Wink, Wink

Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge, but then sometimes it doesn’t.

Two street-scene issues recently raised by our members have resulted in one “over the moon” local lady and one not very happy young man.

First the sign on Ken Aston Square. It’s been held up on temporary wires since it was placed there 2-3 years ago and it was wonky; and apparently Mr Aston didn’t like anything wonky. A gentle reminder in the right quarters and it is now firmly fixed with Gorilla glue and horizontally accurate as measured with a spirit level.

Before and after.

Second the bus stand in Tanners Lane. The inside of a bend in the road is not the ideal place to have a bus stand. Visibility is impaired for drivers approaching Barkingside High Street and there is now much more traffic there due to the Barnardos development. However, this is Transport for London we’re dealing with here and as we know it took them 30 years to get a bus route down Forest Road.

Here’s the explanation as to why it cannot be relocated.
  • If the 247 terminated at Fullwell Cross then for people living North of Fullwell Cross, or those who change onto the 247 in Barkingside High Street, the direct link with London Underground at Barkingside Station would be lost.
  • Similarly, for those residents living in this part of Barkingside, including those in the new houses, they would lose their direct link to the NE of the Borough and Romford, including indirect access to Queens Hospital.
  • If terminating / standing / starting at Fullwell Cross Library, the 247 would then operate contrarily to all other bus routes in Barkingside High Street leading to Fullwell Cross to New North Road / The Lowe buses departing from opposite sides of Barkingside High Street. This would reduce the level of service for passengers who wouldn’t know which side of the road to wait for the first bus.
  • Operationally there is no other suitable bus stand location in the area as the Tesco stand is full. Indeed it is understood that the Tanners Lane site will soon be required for a short term curtailment due to carriageway works at Tesco’s negating use of that stand.
  • It is envisaged that there would be complaints received from the residents of Virginia Gardens and Craven Gardens should the 247 commence operation along those roads on a regular basis.
Given the above I regret that there does not appear to be a suitable alternative to the existing arrangements.

Say no more ...


  1. The situation could be eased if parking were prohibited on the other side of Tanners Lane opposite the bus stand.

    A bigger problem, in my opinion, is the parking on both sides of Tanners Lane around the bend going towards Newbury Park. Idiots park on both sides of the road and make it impossible for two buses to pass each other on that stretch. Worse, they are mainly commuters using the station and are there all day. Double yellows needed.

  2. The 247 occasionally terminates "short" at Fullwell Cross. This seems to happen in order to "regulate" the service if traffic congestion on the route (usually trying to cross Eastern Avenue at Parkside) has caused buses to "bunch up". The southbound 247 usually empties out at Fullwell Cross.

    The 247 has never served Barkingside Station - the 169 is the nearest bus.