Monday, April 24, 2017

Educating Redbridge

During the Streets Commission process the bit about “what’s good about Redbridge” heavily featured our excellent schools.

And here the BBC ask “What does an early election mean for England's schools?” and indeed Redbridge schools.
It […] leaves the plans for a national funding formula for England's schools up in the air.
While many support the broad principle of narrowing the gap between worst and best funded areas it has brought firmly into the public domain the debate about school budgets.
The bills England's schools pay are rising faster than current funding, which means real terms cuts of around 8% per pupil by 2020, according to the independent economists at the Institute for Fiscal Studies.
Across the country thousands of schools have written to parents setting out the difficult decisions they face in order to balance their books.
Parents have become involved in campaigning on education funding in a way not seen for decades.
Here in Redbridge our schools are set to lose £8million per year by 2020 in real terms as reported by Redbridge Council earlier this month.

I expect this to be one of the key debates locally and at our Hustings on May 25th.

UPDATE 25 April: The Ilford Recorder take up the story here:
Redbridge headteachers demand more help as education funding in borough reaches ‘crisis point’

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