Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Commonwealth Planters – Community Action

If you were down in Ilford today, you were sure of a big surprise, for every gardener that ever there was, were gathered there for certain because, today was the day the Commonwealth Gardeners did their planting.

So, the four planter boxes outside the Hardback Café at Ilford Central Library were looking a bit bedraggled and worse for wear and no funds to spruce them up. Enter Shilpa and her band of Commonwealth Gardeners. We’ll do it they said. They got £350 from the Library to buy plants, B&Q donated as much compost as they needed plus £40 worth of plants and Simon Litt from Valentines Park donated some Irises that would otherwise have been discarded.

There’s nowhere to park down there so the plants were stored, and watered, for a few days in Mike Gapes office the other side of the underpass. The library loaned a trolley and the Café were keeping the team topped up with free coffee.

Just think how much that would have cost if the council had hired a contractor. This is what the new Streets Commission is all about, trying to enable the community to take care of it’s own environment at a fraction of the cost.

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  1. wonderful community spirit and a great idea