Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Up Your Street

Redbridge Council is inviting all residents, businesses and stakeholders to participate in their new Streets Commission initiative. As part of the Streets Commission they would like you to tell them how we can all work together to make our streets and public spaces safer, cleaner and as community-centred as possible.

There will be four community focus groups held across the Borough, and we would like to capture as many of your ideas and suggestions as possible, with a focus on how we can empower our citizens to create a better place to live.
  • Monday 20 March, 5pm to 7pm, Fullwell Cross, Ilford
  • Tuesday 21 March, 7pm to 9pm, Redbridge Central Library, Ilford
  • Tuesday 21 March, 4pm to 6pm, Wanstead Library, Wanstead
  • Monday 27 March, 7pm to 9pm, Broadmead Road, Woodford Green
If you want to make your voice heard and have any ideas about how we can work together to create better streets in Redbridge, book yourself onto one of the focus group sessions today (link to booking page). Spaces are limited so book your place soon to avoid missing out.

There is also an on-line survey (link to survey) for those who cannot attend in person.

The Streets Commission will also be supported by a panel of five carefully selected independent community members, who will use their experience and expertise to provide unique insights into the needs and priorities of local communities.

Given the Council’s current budgetary constraints and pressures we need to think about how to do things differently.

We know that you are likely to have excellent local knowledge when it comes to understanding and maintaining clean streets, pocket parks, tidy front gardens and community cohesion. For that reason, we are inviting you to be part of the conversation to inform our future strategy, focusing on how we can improve the quality of our streets and public spaces together.

This project was initiated by Councillor John (Trigger) Howard, (pictured right) Cabinet Member for Rubbish, Environment and Sustainability, to provide a comprehensive picture of what matters most to the citizens of Redbridge when it comes to creating better streets and public spaces. The work of the Streets Commission will feed into the strategy with the aim to work in partnership with residents and communities to create this vision.

For further information about the Streets Commission contact


  1. Come on B21. April 1st is weeks away. Cabinet Member for Rubbish? Pull the other one!

    1. Well, I emailed him asking which of he and Cllr Bain is responsible for all the rubbish and he replied that it is indeed him, to quote him "rubbish is all me".
      As for April 1st, i've given up. I've had to throw away 3 draft posts already because they actually went and did it. I think they have my PC bugged ...

  2. A lot of potential April Fool Wheezes will have been upstaged by Donald "You Couldn't Make It Up" Trump.

    There is an old saying that as soon as you say "Nobody would ever be that stupid" someone is.