Friday, March 31, 2017

Redbridge Lead on new ‘London Community Watch Trust’

At a meeting of London Borough Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Associations, generously hosted by Allen & Overy last Tuesday 28 March, a new body,  'London Community Watch Trust' was formed.

At the inaugural meeting, where Mark Glazer (pictured above) of Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch Trust was elected chair, the stated aims of the London Community Watch are to provide a focal point for Neighbourhood Watches across London, with two initial primary objectives:
  • To raise funds and provide resources to facilitate both the transition of NHW from Metropolitan Police led Boroughs to their communities and to assist existing borough associations in their development.
  • To provide a medium for the effective exchange of information between borough associations.
Mr Glazer states “This is a pivotal moment in the history of NHW, London is taking a firm grasp on its own development, independent of any other organisation. This newly formed body will become the true voice of the communities of London in our combined effort to help and support the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to actively reduce crime and promote personal safety in the Metropolis.

With the support of MOPAC and the MPS, we intend to use the latest technologies to assist in communication and networking, to provide a useful support mechanism for all Neighbourhood watches in the Capital.

By building a solid infrastructure and uniting our combined voluntary effort, we envisage the development of modernisation, co-operation and mutual understanding. We believe that working together will naturally produce strong positive endemic progress.

Our intention is to provide strong leadership, without management. We hope to relieve some of the burden already placed on our police to develop community relationships.


  1. Someone who was there told me that it was not very well attended because of a lack of advanced publicity.

    This new "organisation" is basically taking over the running of two websites in London - what was and

    Anyone with an interest in Neighbourhood Watch can register with and advises this.

    It is also very worthwhile registering with

    There are loads of other Twitter and Facebook sites that are worth following. Google MPS Redbridge, Action Fraud

    Our (new) local Police website is

    1. This new organisation is not "taking over the running" of OWL is network application developed by a private company that can be leased. At present the Redbridge system is paid for by Redbridge Council under the Safer Communities banner. It has nothing to do with the new LCWT.

      The old LNWA folded some time ago.

  2. Why would you care what an undemocratic and defunct body (LNHWA) says? That's just a pedestal for some grandstanding.

    Why would you register with an organisation (ourwatch) which has no idea of the needs of local people? That isn't supported by the MPS anyway so any alerts you get from them will be generalised and going UK-wide. What's the point in that?

    I'd personally go with a local democratic and accountable body (London Community Watch) because Neighbourhood Watch is best run by local people who understand their community.