Thursday, March 30, 2017

(Don’t) Walk on By

If you, like me, have taken a wander around the leafy streets of Barkingside and surrounding areas lately you may have noticed the great number of local residents who have been putting out their green waste bags for collection on the day after bin day. Disappointed they will be, coz as we know green waste collection stopped a couple of months back and when it starts again on Saturday 1 April they will only collect the new paid for, (but totally unusable for anything that can’t be composted at home), plastic bags.

And a recurring theme at recent meetings including the Streets Commission Focus Groups has been “I didn’t know about that”.

Communications, or getting the message out, is rather difficult, not just for the council, but for Barkingside 21 too. We appreciate you are all busy people and sometimes you miss the message so here’s a few reminders – and please spread the word.

Redbridge Council have a Competition for the best front garden - It’s called Redbridge in Bloom.

Local groups can adopt, and look after, a recycling point (bring site) and earn a few bob in the process.

If there’s a problem and you walk on by and leave it to someone else, chances are everyone else will do the same. And so it will stay that way until the council know about it. When they do know about it, experience is that they deal with it PDQ. Here’s the Report It page.

Are you one of those people who continually complain about speeding traffic? Something must be done, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Well, don’t just complain – do something. Sign up for the Community Roadwatch scheme.

Redbridge council now collect bulky waste (furniture, white goods etc.) for FREE. Book it here.

Here’s Dionne Warwick


  1. Those black bags pictured were reported via Redbridge-i about 2pm on Thursday. They were gone at 11:30am on Friday.

  2. I know an elderly resident who has a gardener who in the summer might have over a dozen green bags from just the one visit. (Lawn, trimmed bushes, etc) So what happens after the 50 have been used up?

    1. 50 is the minimum. You can buy as many as you want/need.