Thursday, March 09, 2017

A Full Harvest

Our Redbridge Nature Conservation Team report:

Our eagle eyed tractor driver has been spotting a multitude of small mammals recently whilst cutting the grass in our country parks. He managed to intercept a crow diving for one recently at Claybury Park. It was too late for the creature in question but did mean he could bring the specimen to us for identification.

It proved to be a harvest mouse - a small mouse, with a tail almost as long as its body. They build spherical nests of tightly woven grass high up in tall grasses. Whilst not considered rare, they are vastly under recorded – there are only 16 records for the London area, 5 of which were in Redbridge. We’re happy we can now add to that number. If you ever spot anything a little out of the ordinary, the information would be gladly received by our local records centre GIGL.

Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons
Meanwhile The Ecologist report:
People living in neighbourhoods with more birds, shrubs and trees are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress, according to research by academics at the University of Exeter, the British Trust for Ornithology and the University of Queensland. see more ...
Well as we say round these parts - No sh1t Sherlock. Just goes to show how important our Green Belt is.

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