Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wes Takes Trip down Memory Lane

In the latest in a series of Wes Streeting MP photo opportunities, we present Wes taking a trip down Memory Lane to re-visit his youth, spent mostly in fast food establishments. I’m sure I will bump into two of him one day.

Here he is visiting Barkingside’s McDonald’s Restaurant; he’s the one in the suit and UKIP tie.

Wes worked as a Crew Member at a McDonalds in 1999 while he was at University, so remember that if and when you visit somewhere like this; you might just be being served by a future Prime Minister.

During his visit Wes met with a number of staff and swapped insights into how the restaurant operates and also about the training and career development opportunities available to employees, you never know.

Wes said: “It was great to visit McDonald’s in Barkingside – a big thanks to John and his team for inviting me. It was good to hear about the training opportunities available to staff and I enjoyed meeting them. McDonalds is an important employer in our local area and I’m always keen to engage with businesses in Ilford North.”

Franchisee John Loizou began his career with McDonald’s 31 years ago and now runs five restaurants across East London, including the restaurant on the High Street. “We were thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome Wes to the restaurant,” he said. “We are very proud of the hard work we’ve been putting in to support our community and to ensure that we provide the best possible service every day to our customers.”

And here’s another Wes photo opportunity at Scope further up the High Street.


  1. Well done Wes. My grandson's favourite restaurant is McDonald's at the Green Gate. Their fries and orange juice are excellent.

  2. Unless the leadership of his party changes pretty soon, Wes, sadly, could be back behind that counter quicker than he expected.