Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Newbury Park to get a Lift in Major Accessibility Plan for London

Our friends at Transport for All are delighted that the London Mayor has announced plans to upgrade 30 additional tube stations to step-free access over the next 5 years in a £200 million investment. However, this still only brings the total of step-free access stations to 100, which is 40% of the network. Nevertheless it is a welcome step in the right direction – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Here, in Redbridge our own local campaigners are also delighted that Newbury Park is included in the plan, after a 3½ year campaign and the disappointment of an earlier project being abandoned. Works will commence and finish next year, 2017, well, that’s the plan anyway …

David Stephens, Chair of Seven Kings & Newbury Park Residents Assoication said “This is a victory for our campaign and even though we did not get the chance to present our petition to the Mayor, City Hall and TfL were both aware of its existence. Special thanks go to the resident members of both SKNPRA and AHDA who worked hard over the years collecting signatures for the 7,600 petition, making speeches to Councillors at the Ilford Town Hall and making representations at Mayor of London Question Time to raise awareness and influence those in public office to support our joint campaign which has culminated in a victory for the local people of Seven Kings and Newbury Park areas.”

Ron Jeffries, Chair of Aldborough Hatch Defence Association said “The news that lifts are to be installed in 2017 comes after many years of campaigning from both the SKNPRA and AHDA. Numerous photo calls, letters to politicians and opinion formers, articles in the press played a part, but it was the 7,600 signature petition that led to the lift installation result. Victory belongs to both SKNPRA and AHDA for this hard won campaign.”


  1. It would be so nice if something could be done at Barkingside Station - I know this would be difficult, but great for more elderly passengers travelling into town.

  2. Yes it would be good if there could improvements to Barkingside station for the disabled and elderly