Friday, December 09, 2016

Howard’s Way takes up Trigger’s Broom
– Sweeping Redbridge Streets Clean

Things are so bad down at the Town Hall, what with all the cuts to their budget, that Cabinet Members are now doubling up as Street Cleaners. Mind you the uniform suits him and he looks so much more dapper in those trousers. They are definitely the right trousers.

Our good friend Councillor John (Trigger) Howard was out sweeping the Redbridge Streets today and tweeting along the way.
John Howard ‏@jhoward87 9 hours ago
People might have been drinking round here #cleaningredbridge
John Howard ‏@jhoward87 9 hours ago
Big thanks to whoever is sticking used nappies in the street bins. #cleaningredbridge
Need to do more on promoting reusable nappies John.
John Howard ‏@jhoward87 8 hours agoSeven Kings Florist
Some dumped commercial waste
John Howard ‏@jhoward87 7 hours agoIlford, London
Last of the leaves #cleaningredbridge
Here he is demonstrating Zen and the art of sweeping up fag butts (for our readers in the USA, here in the UK a fag is a cigarette).

John Howard ‏@jhoward87 7 hours agoIlford, London
I know what bin juice tastes like now.... #cleaningredbridge
John Howard ‏@jhoward87 2 hours agoExchange Shopping Centre
Big thanks to the four people who left their letters when they dumped at the bottom of Balfour Road #CleaningRedbridge
Four more unsuspecting people who will be getting an early Christmas present in the form a hefty fine.

And congratulations to the woman I spoke to earlier today at Craven Gardens Car Park who had figured out the complicated hopper arrangement and actually put her bags of old clothes into the textile bins rather than just leave them on the floor. Perhaps the human species is "intelligent" after all?


  1. Well done John. A good exam-le to us all.

  2. Well done! Let's do more - the rubbish in this borough is appalling.