Saturday, December 10, 2016

And the Band played on …
- Last Green Pop Up a Success

Today Saturday 10 December was your last chance this calendar year to pop in to the Pop-Up Green Market and café at the Salvation Army HQ in Clements Road, Ilford. Even the Redbridge Mayor was there to pay a Christmas visit and meet Santa Claus. There was wholesome, fresh, organic food prepared by Begonia of Planet Falafel, ably assisted and served by Jenny and cleared away and the dishes washed by Garry (with two ‘r’s). Read on to see what goodies you missed.

Me, I had a slice of cheese and beetroot quiche which was very nice and washed own with a cup of coffee, all for just £3. There's value in these austere days. The last one I had was £7.50 but that was in the trendy Camden Passage.

There were lots of reconditioned bikes for sale. Recycles Ilford is sponsored by the Ilford Salvation Army and Redbridge Council.

This is Kathy from Linkway Plantastic Prescription Gardens in Dagenham with some artichokes.

Here we have Francesca Fenn, a local lady who writes “step-outside” books for children. I bought one. Love the Christmas jumper.

The renowned Redbridge Give and Take was there with Habiba and Debbie with plenty of stuff coming and going. Two washing up bowls were snaffled by the Bike boys (good for mending punctures), and a bag of knitting needles, a monopoly game didn't stay there for long. It's all free.

This lady makes things from waste material, like old jeans.

Here’s the band …

And some more Christmassy pictures.

We do not know if the Pop-up will continue in 2017, but if it does you now know what to expect.

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