Saturday, November 26, 2016

Save King George Hospital A&E
– News from Twitter

After a hectic summer of political activity on the London elections and then the Brexit referendum, plus some sterling work on the Higher Education bill and visits here, there and everywhere, our Ilford North MP has once again turned his attention to local health services and in particular the King George A&E situation.

He tweets:
Wes Streeting MP ‏@wesstreeting Nov 24
Ready for @JonAshworth's @UKLabour NHS campaign day this weekend! Update on the govt plan to close A&E and petition to save it!
And today TrabiMechanic tweets:
(((TrabiMechanic))) ‏@TrabiMechanic 1h1 hour ago
Filled all my petition sheets with signatures today - everyone wants to Save King George A&E with @IlfordNorthCLP #carefortheNHS
Oh, we do, we do. And on our MPs Facebook page this afternoon he reveals that he already has 10,000 signatures, but wants tens of thousands more and he will be delivering petition sheets to every household in the constituency during December. I hope he’s got some help, that’s a big call. It’s a Parliamentary petition so it has to be on paper; parliament hasn’t caught up with the 21st century yet …

Earlier in the week, local health campaigner Andy Walker’s suggestion of a March and demonstration, like the one they had down in Lewisham in 2013 when they had 15,000 out on the streets, seemed to go down reasonably well across the political spectrum.

At last Monday’s Local Forum in Chadwell the Ilford Recorder tweeted:
Ilford Recorder ‏@IlfordRecorder Nov 21
@Andywalker1945 asks @Jas_Athwal if he will march in the spring against #KingGeorgeHospital closure @RedbridgeLive leader says "absolutely".
Ilford Recorder ‏@IlfordRecorder Nov 21
.@Jas_Athwal says "someone in the future will ask why doesn't #Redbridge have a hospital? I'll be right there with you Andy (marching)."
Later Wes Streeting MP also responded
Wes Streeting MP ‏@wesstreeting Nov 21
@Andywalker1945 Yes in principle. Let's meet to discuss practicalities
And on Tuesday at our coffee morning:
Andy Walker ‏@Andywalker1945 Nov 22Ilford, London
@KeithPrinceAM on board for Spring 2017 march to save KGH A&E @Jas_Athwal @wesstreeting @IlfordRecorder @SamTarry @LaraGuardian @MikeGapes
No response as yet from @Mike Gapes MP in whose constituency KGH resides.

Looking ahead we expect negotiations on the timing, route and other details of the March to take place after the Christmas break. These things take some effort and time to organise but our expectation is that if the march goes ahead it will be in the spring, pending any other developments that may take place between now and then.

Here’s a recap of items in the local Press over the summer.

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Report claims London’s ‘buckling’ A&E departments could be improved by pioneering Queen’s Hospital trial - Romford Recorder 28 October

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  1. Let's hope it doesn't all fizzle out like it did after the last major meeting. We were promised handbills and posters and absolutely nothing happened. I requested this material from Wes's HQ many times, promises were made but I received only petition forms. They all seemed to have lost interest. Fingers crossed this time.

  2. This is what Hammersmith & Fulham Council are doing to protect their Hospital. Here we rely on Andy Walker