Friday, November 25, 2016

Redbridge Trial "New" Super Bin

As part of the council’s Civic Pride campaign to keep our borough spick and span we now have in our armoury two new “Big Belly Bins” outside Ilford and Newbury Park stations. These are on a 4-week money-back trial and come equipped with all the latest in hi-tech litter and rubbish waste management apps.

They crunch down and compact the waste as it is inserted and will consume roughly 8 times more material than a conventional bin. There is also a built in communication system which alerts the authority when the bin is full so that it can be emptied pronto.

Although the council’s press release does not say, the bins that have been in use down in Brighton for the past year are solar powered and they do look the same on the outside although they are a different colour, ours sporting the traditional Redbridge Green.

Unfortunately these super bins seem unable to cope with fly-tipped mannequins placed beside them.

Of course we have to point out that we suggested these bins to Redbridge council nearly 10 years ago back in July 2007 at the now defunct Sustainability Panel.


  1. Who is fly-tipping mannequins? They should be charged or put in the stocks! Bring back the socks I say!

  2. seen a few "big bellies" walking up the high street in Barkingside already - whether they are consuming their rubbish along with its contents I feel the need for more bins somewhat redundant.