Thursday, November 24, 2016

Environment and Climate Update
– It’s not looking good

The debate is over. Earth’s sixth great extinction event has arrived says Bill Laurance & Paul Ehrlich writing in The Ecologist.
And we're not just talking about losing cute animals: human civilisation relies on biodiversity for its very existence. The plants, animals and microorganisms with which we share the Earth supply us with vital ecosystem services.
These include regulating the climate, supplying clean water, limiting floods, running nutrient cycles essential to agriculture and forestry, controlling serious crop pests and carriers of diseases, and providing beauty, spiritual and recreational benefits.
We know this. We have always known this. But we have stopped paying attention.

And that’s just biodiversity. Ice loss up at the north pole is now going critical. The Arctic is currently a staggering 36 degrees warmer than normal at this time of year. See this graph, the red line is 2016. Something is very, very wrong. It looks like we have now reached the tipping point.

And if you think that’s OK we’re getting warmer, forget it. Go buy a globe and have a look at where the UK lies. We are further north than the Great Lakes of America, which get iced up in winter, and at the same latitude as Labrador in Canada. In fact we are only just south of Greenland and overlap slightly with Hudson Bay. What keeps us warm, with a mild climate for such a northerly piece of land, is the Gulf Stream bringing warm air up from the equator. Mess with that and things will get choppy.

So, to round off, much has been in the press about a Trump over in the USA. Now, where I grew up the word Trump means a Fart. A rear end burp. A lot of wind or hot air with a rather distinctive odour. But I don’t want to cast aspersions on our friends over the pond. So I’ll just leave you with the UK company that is now offering “fallout shelters”.

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  1. Don't know why this article has a down on Trump, he's on a better footing with Putin than Obama and certainly the clinton woman is/was - Anyway, yes, in my earlier rant on green spaces, I said that too many trees and green spaces are being abused and destroyed which ultimately allows for flooding and pollution - If this situation were to be reversed and any new buildings were to have the correct amount of trees and greenery, then some semblance of balance would benefit Britain's inhabitants - as for the "fall-out" shelters mentioned in this article, many of us could move into the tunnels after "fracking" has been completed...