Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Bouncy Barkingside

This Thursday’s Redbridge Regulatory Committee is a bundle of fun of Barkingside Planning Applications up for discussion, and a decision, by our elected representatives, chaired by Bert Jones.

First up we have the German Car Specialists (formerly Bates and then Sytner BMW) showrooms down Forest Road opposite Fairlop Waters and between the two entrances. This application is to convert the premises into an “indoor trampoline and entertainment centre for adults and teenage children”. Well, it seems the market for German cars here in the UK has taken a turn for the worse. I wonder why that could be?

Then we have a “development site” at 373 Clayhall Avenue and 1 Dunspring Lane. No, it’s not brownfield that everybody keeps suggesting instead of Green Belt land, it’s just two existing semi-detached houses on a corner plot with “generous” front and rear gardens. The application is to replace these semis with 6, yes Six, 3-bedroom terraced houses. The four middle terraces include living accommodation in the loft space and one off-road parking space. The two end terraces have only two floors and two off-road parking spaces.

With the pressure on housing watch out for a lot more of this type of development

For the remainder of the applications see the agenda here.

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