Thursday, November 24, 2016

Abandoned Vehicles
– The Rules for Reporting

At the Redbridge November Full Council the subject of abandoned vehicles was raised and we learned that since vehicle tax discs were discontinued the number of abandoned vehicle reports has risen by 50% to 3,000 per year with only 4% of the total turning out to be abandoned.

This all takes up officers’ time (when they could be working on the traffic problems on your road) who have to make a number of checks before an on-site visit within 24hrs and if the vehicle is a danger to the public it will normally be removed by contractors within hours of inspection. However, if the vehicle is on private property officers have to seek permission from the landowner before anything can be done.

The council’s website has been updated to make it easier for residents to report abandoned vehicles more accurately.

In short, if it’s taxed and has a valid MOT it’s not abandoned even if it has been left parked for several months. You can check Tax and MOT for any vehicle online here. You just need the registration number and the make of the vehicle.

I had a case in my road when we still had tax discs. It just sat there for several months and I had to keep telling my neighbours there’s nothing we can do until the tax runs out. It was not an old car, in pretty good condition with no obvious signs of vandalism. Just parked, day after day. So when the tax ran out I reported it and it was gone within 2 days. Patience is a virtue.


  1. A flat bed truck appeared to be abandoned near me before we scrapped tax discs and, like you, I waited for the tax to expire. I walked past it one evening a couple of days later and the expired disc was still there so I reported it to the police.

    An hour or so later I got a call to say that the vehicle was taxed and, sure enough, when I past it on my way back home, as if by magic, a new tax disc had appeared!

    It was several weeks before the vehicle moved again and it is still regularly parked in the same road for weeks on end ...

  2. Several cars parked between 50 and 52 Fencepiece Road, been there ages, no one cares coz you cannot see them. D.I.Spair.

  3. A car has been parked in Berkeley Avenue for months and not moved at all. Reported it about 4 weeks ago, but heard nothing. Assume it has all required tax etc. However about 1 year ago one of my neighbours had 3 cars parked outside his house and it transpired they were owned by a dealer who did not have speace on his own premises.