Monday, October 24, 2016

Redbridge Council Strikes Back
- with New Powers of The Force

Redbridge council now have new enforcement powers to tackle problems such as fly-tipping by issuing instant £400 fines without the long and costly process, otherwise known as “due process”, of taking people to court.

During a recent Action Day two fly-tippers were handed £400 on-the-spot fines by the council’s enforcement team. The duo were caught red-handed on Wednesday 19 October when rubbish dumped in Goodmayes High Road was traced back to their address. So far eleven £400 fines have been issued since the new powers came into effect earlier this month.

Cabinet Member for Civic Pride, Councillor Darth Hatfull said “Do not underestimate our new powers. If you don’t treat Redbridge with respect we will look for, we will find you, and we will fine you.”

As part of their new duties the enforcement team also visited 60 businesses and asked for proof of contracts to show they are disposing their trade waste responsibly, plus residents in flats were also advised on correct waste disposal.

The Action Day, the sixteenth since the initiative began in December 2014, had more than 20 officers and Police dealing with a wide range of other local problems.

One person was arrested for failing to appear in court (obviously not a fly-tipper), another issued a warning for cannabis possession plus the usual stop and searches for drugs. Food Hygiene Officers carried out checks at seven food premises and gave advice to new businesses while Trading standards visited 10 businesses and raised a variety of issues including food not being priced and poor pricing.

A total of 40 residential properties were also earmarked for follow up checks to check for Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

Darth added, “I sense a new hope and the return of the alliance between council and residents to restore order and pride in our borough.”

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  1. Good that this initiative has been ongoing. I am still sickened by all the rubbish thrown in Barkingside, especially around the Tesco/Magistrates Court area, Civic Way. Just another thought: Children in Finland are I believe taken once a month to pick up litter in their area to teach them good practice....why not here?

  2. Cllr Hatfull lives in Newbury Ward (although it is not the ward he represents) close to Colenso Road where the level of fly-tipping is enormous. Piles of furniture - not just single items, building waste, unwanted electrical/electronic items and general rubbish which, in many cases is obviously commercial waste.

    The then Area Committee had invested in its own CCTV surveillance camera for use in the area but, at that time, it had been impossible to deploy it because the signals couldn't be received by the Council's equipment - nice bit of forward planning there! - but the situation was expected to be resolved by fitting a new aerial on the top of Pioneer Point, which I assume has since been done.

    Pending this, I asked if the camera could be used in Colenso Road and was told the request would have to be made to the Community Policing Team and, if they approved, would be added to the list, which was believed to be 25 locations long at the time. As I believe that these cameras are only relocated about 3 times a year, that would take another 8 years from the time the camera finally became operational and we had no intention of remaining in that (expletive deleted) hole - Oh! I forgot to mention the piles of dog mess that fill in the gaps between the other piles of detritus, didn't I? - for that length of time (and we haven't!) so didn't consider the matter worthwhile pursuing

    So, good luck, Cllr Hatfull and do watch where you put your feet, won't you?