Friday, August 26, 2016

Ilford High Road to get Multi-Million Pound Face-Lift

Quite how many Million pounds has somehow failed to get the nod into the Council’s press release, and neither has it disclosed where this money has come from, nor does this facelift seem to involve anything as ambitious as the previous plans for Vanity Square.

We presume the money has come from a ring-fenced grant from a government agency having been applied for by our cash strapped council. That’s the way local authorities have to work these days. They are not allowed to spend any money on the things we actually need, like council houses and facilities for the disabled and disadvantaged.

The plans are to upgrade and transform Ilford High Road from the junction with Cranbrook Road along to Ilford Police Station and will include Clements Lane, Clements Road and Chadwick Road. The proposed improvements include:
  • new trees, greenery, pocket parks and green walls
  • a clutter free environment with improved lighting and seating
  • public art, informal play sites and high quality spaces for events
  • encourage a strong night time economy contributing to a high quality culture, leisure and food offer
  • improved pedestrian and cycle routes into the Town Centre, more street cycle stands
  • cultural and heritage buildings protected and enhanced
  • hub spaces for local and new businesses
Given that most of the High Road is already pedestrianised, has seating, trees, planters, and pitches for events and a regular market, we presume most of the multi-million pounds will be focussed on the side roads some of which are, to be honest, pretty dire, although the part of Clements Road where the Library, Cinema and Theatre are has already had quite a lot of money spent on it.

The works are due to take place between 2017 and 2019 and our council would like to hear from you on how you use, and perceive, the present offering of Ilford Town Centre and how you think it could be improved.

For more information and to have your say click here.


  1. Why have the various back ways and mews, like heron mews been ignored? They can easily be pedestrianised and done up for small start ups, cafes, artist live work studios, quiet destinations away from traffic, like the lanes in Brighton

    1. Hi Clive, that's because Heron Mews is already being improved as part of the cross rail works. It's already on the action plan

  2. I always stay as far away as I can from any place that has a 'strong night time economy'.

  3. They've convinced me... writing High Road on that ugly concrete bridge makes all the difference. Whoever thought that up should be paid double :-)