Monday, August 08, 2016

Garden Grab in Old Barkingside – Episode VI

Yup. Yet another planning application for the site comprising the gardens to the rear of the cottages in Tanners Lane next to Sainsburys car park and butting onto Sandringham Gardens. But this time there are some significant differences aside from the number of homes now having been reduced to just two from a starting point of seven.

This new application is proposing two new homes on a plot comprising only the first three gardens of said cottages from the corner of Sandringham Gardens and not as before all eight. It would appear that the developer has been unable to secure garden number four. And there is a new developer, this time Kalman Developments Ltd. based at ….. 4 Sandringham Close.

site plan

artist's impression

The application number is 3072/16 and you can view the details on the council’s planning portal here.

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  1. Saddens me to hear what is happening with Barkingside especially Oakfield

  2. Well, in the picture they have removed the enormous hedge that runs along Sandringham Gardens and hits everybody in the eye as they negotiate the gap between the hedge and the white vans parked on the pavement. Now if they could just do something about the derelict front gardens of the two end cottages.................

  3. The derelict cottages (actually the three end cottages) were mentioned to Redbridge Council ages ago - they advised they were doing something about them - to date, Nothing! Also reported to the Ilford Recorder's recent campaign - no response. What a blot on the landscape!