Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Essex Girls Get Plumbing

My how times change. We have our second female Prime Minister, female political leaders all over Europe and the possibility of the first female President of the United States, not to mention female bus drivers and taxi drivers, engineers, mechanics, decorators, gardeners – you name it they now do it. Except, apparently, plumbing.

Currently only about one per cent of plumbers in the UK are women, despite many householders saying they would rather employ a female plumber.

Now, Choice Training, in Dagenham, London, is offering free scholarships for women to encourage them to take up a career in the plumbing industry.

Julie Spinks, director of WaterSafe, the nation’s approved plumber scheme, said: “Plumbing can be a rewarding career but like many trades it is still male-dominated and we want to encourage more diversity in the industry.

“WaterSafe launched a ‘Get Girls Plumbing’ campaign in 2014 to promote plumbing as a career to school leavers and women looking for a change in direction, and this free scholarship offers a great opportunity to women in the London and Essex region.”

The scholarship covers all tuition fees for a one-year course to gain a Level 2 City & Guilds Diploma in Plumbing certificate. The courses run over two days each week.

Former scholarship winner Sally King said: “I got one of the scholarships and it has helped me climb ladders that I could never have done without their help.

“A lot of women do prefer women coming into their homes as they feel safer with another female. I have also had a lot of men who did not look impressed that a woman was coming in to do plumbing repairs, but were pleased that I did the job as well as any man when I had finished!”

The scholarships are open to women of all ages and abilities and applicants need to submit 100 words about themselves and why they would like the scholarship.

To find out more visit www.choicetrainingltd.co.uk/scholarships-for-women.

To find your nearest WaterSafe-approved plumber visit www.watersafe.org.uk and type in your postcode. For more information on becoming a qualified plumber visit www.watersafe.org.uk/advice/howtobecomeaplumber.

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