Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The Snakes and Lizards of Redbridge

Here in Redbridge we have quite a lot of natural habitat for all sorts of creatures, but sometimes these creatures are quite shy and lurk in the shadows. And sometimes they are very good at disguise, being able to change their colour to that of the background. So you have to be quite alert and observant to spot them.

Our own Nature Conservation Team has been keeping records sent in by you, the public, and some interesting wildlife sightings have been flooding in of late; recent ones include hedgehogs, stag beetles and common lizards.

If you spot anything unusual feel free to send them the details of when and whereabouts in Redbridge it was spotted and they will pass it on to our local records centre, Greenspace Information for Greater London. Alternatively you can send the details direct: http://www.gigl.org.uk/

Nature Conservation Ranger Team
Vision RCL
James Leal Centre, Ray Park, Snakes Lane East IG8 7JQ
Tel: 020 8559 2316

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