Friday, July 29, 2016

Edible Redbridge & Butterflies

Ray Park Honey

Our Nature Conservation Team report that the resident bees in Ray Park’s walled garden have been very busy indeed and that they now have a stock of honey for sale. It can be purchased from the café in the James Leal Centre at Ray Park or from the mansion shop in Valentines Park. The raw honey has come straight from the hive, with nothing added or removed. It’s simply been extracted from the comb, filtered and jarred. Get in quick before Pooh eats it all.

The bee hives form part of the borough’s local food project, Redbridge’s Edible Network. The Team will be adding to it this winter by grafting from the heritage orchards in Hainault and Claybury to create a new orchard in Ray Park’s walled garden.

Big Butterfly Count

If you need an excuse to spend some time out in the sunshine, why not take part in the Big Butterfly Count? This nationwide survey helps conservation organisations to assess the health of our environment as butterflies are very sensitive to environmental change. It was launched in 2010 and has rapidly become the world's biggest survey of butterflies. It runs until 7th August.