Sunday, June 12, 2016

The 462 is Imminent

We have been advised that Transport for London have confirmed the new route for the 462 Bus along Forest Road will commence on Saturday 25th June 2016. It’s only 24 weeks late …


  1. Does one need to say anything?

  2. NeighbourhoodWatcher8:27 pm, June 12, 2016

    I drove along Forest Road early this morning and the stops are all in place with a "Closed" sign on. One wonders why it's going to take another two weeks to take a ladder round to remove the signs. What else does anyone need to do?

    1. They've been there for months. Redbridge did it's bit but the problem has been the new terminus in Limes Farm.

  3. Representatives from TFL, Crossrail and other transport organisations will be in attendance at the next meeting of the Redbridge External Scrutiny Panel scheduled for Monday 18th July at 7.15pm at the Town Hall. See link for details: