Monday, June 13, 2016

Save King George A&E Update

It’s all gone a bit quiet, too quiet. After the fanfare of the re-launch of the Save King George A&E campaign last February we haven’t heard much on the subject from our MP, Wes Streeting, or his campaign team. Mind you, they have had other things on their mind, like the London Mayor and Assembly elections, our local Roding by election and now this awkward EU referendum.

Maybe once this is out of the way we will see some action. You can follow the Campaign Facebook page here. It’s public so you don’t need to have a Facebook account unless you want to post a comment. Meanwhile there have been some news reports of interest.
3 June 2016: Papers reveal Queen’s Hospital trust’s ‘fragile’ A&E performance as quarter of patients wait more than four hours – Romford Recorder
How is this not going to get worse if KGH A&E closes?
8 June 2016: Wigan hospital says 'unprecedented' pressure partly down to A&E closure – BBC News
Here we have an actual example of what happens when an A&E closes.
9 June 2016: Traffic chaos causes delays at Queen’s Hospital after Rom Valley Way car park closure – Romford Recorder
If you have an outpatient appointment at Queens leave early or catch the 128.
10 June 2016: Redbridge’s population expected to grow by 46,000 in next 10 years – Ilford Recorder
Apparently, the decision to close KGH A&E had factored in population growth, but that was back in 2008. Have the more recent estimates been accounted for?

We do have Rachel Royall from BHRUT coming to speak at our next Coffee Morning, where we hope she will be able to shed some light on the latest situation.


  1. Please keep King George's Hospital Accident and Emergency OPEN.
    I know they have SAVED LIVES.
    We ALSO need another REDBRIDGE Hospital!!!
    Thank you.

  2. My wife and I are enthusiastic supporters of the Save K.G. A&E campaign and we attended the February meeting to that effect. We were promised posters, handbills and MP appeal cards along with a great deal of other support. So far we've had nothing except the petition forms we asked for (and which we have had to duplicate ourselves). My enormous faith in our bright new MP is becoming a little - only a little - eroded. What happened to the fire and brimstone, Wes?

    Of course, far from closing the place, it needs to be expanded to twice its size and kept exactly where it is. As always, we are being governed by idiots - and I think nowadays that goes for ALL parties including our European masters.

  3. He's too busy being a celeb

  4. Not really. He's doing his job. Without the recognition he gets from publicity he could become asineffective as many other new MP's have.

  5. Still thinks he's a celeb ... Others did/do very well without the tv

  6. And where is was now that b-side/ Fairlop is on the brink of being overpopulated because if he thinks it's a good idea to build that many houses I'd good for the area then he needs a check up from the neck up !

  7. If the popultion of Redbridge is due to expand then surely it is common sense that we need to keep open King Georges A&E as Queens cannot cope at present.Why isn't Wes Streeting campaigning vigorously for it to remain.