Monday, May 30, 2016

The new London Mayor & Green Belt

Following his statements to the local press during the election campaign the new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, tweets “I oppose building on the green belt. London's parks and community gardens are precious”, with a link to a City Hall Press Release on London Tree Week.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London said: “It is vitally important we protect our city’s precious green spaces and that must include opposing building on the Green Belt. I’ve now met with my team of planners to make absolutely clear that this must stay at the forefront of planning decisions.
“Ensuring everyone in our city, especially young people, has access to green spaces from parks and playing fields [my emphasis] to community gardens is vitally important. London Tree Week is a great reminder for us all to make better use of and enjoy our green spaces and I hope as many people as possible can enjoy some of the events during Tree Week. “
A day earlier, last Wednesday, the Mayor was questioned on Green Belt at Mayor’s Question Time. A video of this is available on the City Hall website here, click; (no facility to embed).

You can scroll in to 2 hours 53 minutes to hear the Mayor’s opening remarks on Green Belt. You might then wish to scroll past Nicky Gavron’s bit to hear Steve O’Connell at 3 hours speak about Croydon (answer from Mayor “horses for courses”) and then our own assembly member, Keith Prince, specifically refer to Oakfield (answer from Mayor “individual merits”) followed by the irrepressible Andrew Boff (answer from Mayor “ the new London Plan will contain a presumption against development on Green Belt”). With an end at 3 hours 7 minutes. So that’s 14 minutes in total, well worth a watch.

So, what do you make of that? What is to happen here in Redbridge? Oakfield is not the only green belt site that Redbridge council wish to declassify and build on. There is also the whole of the King George and Goodmayes Hospital sites, Ford Sports Ground and Seven Kings Park, Land at Billett Road, plus another parcel between Beal School and the River Roding, not to mention Redbridge Recreation Ground (which is not Green Belt but is open green space).

Interesting times ahead …

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  1. This council should be an example of where NOT to build, not to saturate the borough with pollutants, not just from the road but remember the exhausts from boilers from each and every home. The contradiction is extreme on one page of a newspaper glaring reports on people dying from car exhausts and on another page, they keep pushing for more and more building of homes. Get it sorted guys...