Saturday, May 28, 2016

Police Help Residents Get Smart with MetTrace

- Traceable liquid initiative dramatically reduces residential burglaries

Following on from our report on MetTrace last December, there is now statistical evidence on its effectiveness, and it looks good.

The Met report:
Twelve months into a three year contract to protect 440,000 homes across the capital, the crime-reduction initiative is well on track to delivering outstanding results.
Last year, 129,780 MetTrace SmartWater Kits were issued to London homes. This resulted in a 27.5 per cent reduction in residential burglary in the MetTrace initiative areas (5.7 percent reduction in non MetTrace areas) with 1000 less victims.
This is estimated to have saved £676,489 and over 18,790 police hours.
Full report here.

Here in Redbridge some 10,000 kits have been distributed, mostly in the south of the Borough, but don’t panic we’re on the list and they have another 13,000 to go – they just haven’t got round to us yet. You have to start somewhere and these things take time.

Earlier Police Scotland announced the results of the SmartWater deterrence strategy, which included all its operational elements, such as a targeted media campaign, proactive (‘sting’) operations against persistent offenders and ‘partnership’ with the Receiver community.

Full report in The Scotsman here.

Phil Cleary, Smartwater CEO said: "We’re expecting further announcements of results very shortly from West Mercia Police (Shropshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire), Warwickshire Police and Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department in Florida. All have followed, to varying degrees, the Strategy, which engenders a coordinated ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ approach, with the aim of creating a hostile environment for criminals to reduce a range of acquisitive crimes (both residential and commercial), thereby easing pressure on police resources and costs.

"These results are entirely consistent with what’s been achieved elsewhere over the years, both in the UK and USA."


  1. Ah ha .but can it trace "anonymous's ?

  2. No, those who persist in remaining anonymous will continue to be disregarded.

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