Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jas meets Sadiq to Air Pollution

On Friday 13 May the Redbridge Council Leader tweeted that he had met with Sadiq Khan “to discuss how Redbridge can benefit on infrastructure air quality & transport. Very positive”. He used a picture from 13 April taken in the Gardeners Cottage Café in Valentines Park, but I’m assuming the meeting was more recent; and any momentum on air quality and transport would be most welcome.

But since we do not have any more information than that, here’s what’s going on up in Manchester where they have the same problems as us. Rochdale online report dated 10 May:
A panel drawn from the private and public sectors will discuss steps that Greater Manchester could take to reduce the city’s air pollution levels, particularly the deployment of electrified buses.
Transport for Greater Manchester Executive Director Michael Renshaw will be joined by bus operators Arriva, Volvo Buses and air quality NGOs.
Air pollution has serious implications for health; almost 40,000 annual deaths in the UK are directly attributed to air pollution - 1,346 annual deaths occur in Greater Manchester due to particulate emissions alone. The real number of fatalities in the region is likely to be higher as figures do not yet include harmful NOx emissions.
Michael Renshaw, Executive Director of Transport for Greater Manchester said:
“Greater Manchester is the fastest growing city in the UK outside London, and one of our objectives is to make sure that our growth is sustainable.
"We recognise that air quality and carbon emissions are two of our key transport challenges, so we’re working to continue the reduction in bus-related emissions.
"Our goal is to place buses at the heart of an integrated, high-quality and sustainable public transport network, and I look forward to discussing this aspiration with industry stakeholders at the event.”
As well as reducing harmful particulate and NOx emissions which reduce air quality, electric hybrid or pure electric buses reduce carbon emissions by 30-100% compared to normal buses, helping in the fight against climate change.
Electrifying buses offers other significant benefits. Buses are cheaper than rail or tram options but are still able to use electric power and can run with zero emissions meaning innovations such as indoor bus stops and stops closer to, or even in, residential or commercial buildings are possible. They also improve quality of life by substantially reducing noise for bus passengers and residents near bus routes.
In other words, Jas and Sadiq, here is what you do …

Bring Back Trolley Buses


Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution – Royal College of Physicians

Estimating Local Mortality Burdens associated with Particulate Air Pollution – Public Health England


  1. Sadiq worried about air how can expanding city airport help?...

  2. With all these issues, you have to seize the moment: this week the Mayor is concerned about air pollution, next week it will be something else, so we have to make our point as strongly as possible this week. By the way, he is looking again at the garden bridge and has plainly decided that this is a stick with which he can beat Boris - tendering process not carried out properly, vanity project etc. - who cares, so long as he changes his mind again.