Saturday, May 14, 2016

Energy Gardens
– Do Redbridge Council even know?

Once upon a time Redbridge Council had a Strategic Partnership with an Environment cluster. It was binned and then we had an Environment Panel. That was binned and then we had … nothing. But we still knew some of the officers in the planning department and they kept us up to date on what the council were doing, or not. They’ve all gone now and been replaced, or not. Whoever the new officers are, they do not speak to us or tell us anything, nor we them for we do not know who they are. There is now no mechanism for us to engage. The Redbridge planning department didn’t even know that the Better Barkingside project had been nominated for a prestigious European award until we told them, via this blog, and we got that information from a planning officer in Haringey. In fact, these days Barkingside 21 knows more about what’s going on in Haringey than we do in Redbridge.

So, we can tell you about Energy Gardens.
The Energy Garden project is a partnership project delivered by Repowering London, Groundwork and Transport for London.
Over the next 2 years the Energy Garden team will be supporting communities across London to transform up to 50 London Overground platforms and stations into thriving gardens that will incorporate food growing plots and solar energy providing on-site renewable energy for lighting, water pumps or other small scale station amenities.
We also have plans to identify a larger solar energy site to secure a long-term income for the gardens. Click here to find out more about Energy Garden's solar programme
Energy Gardens will promote food and energy security, create resilient communities and improve the health and well-being of Londoners.
And we can also tell you that Energy Gardens are looking at opportunities to have a fully funded team of people working with residents and staff to design, build and maintain gardens on Seven Sisters, White Hart Lane, Bruce Grove, Haringey Green Lanes, and South Tottenham overground stations, as well as their satellite schools and hospitals.

Well, Redbridge has a few overground stations (this includes surface tube stations) and satellite schools and hospitals (for the time being) so the question is do they know about this and if so what are they doing about it, if anything?

Energy Garden provides a wide range of unique opportunities for your Local Authority, schools and hospitals to help local people, to improve the local environment and create a socially smart city. Why not email your local councillors? They probably don’t know either …

I can also report that Tottenham Regeneration Team (part of Haringey Council) are working with environmental and health partners to develop a community food growing and healthy eating project. It is an estate based initiative and so will have a strong community focus with the residents in Northumberland Park.

Yours Barkingside Tottenham 21


  1. Strategic Partnership with an Environment cluster yep I was a member of that forum? How crazy it has been "deliberately" lost! Then, of course Wanstead's Allan Burgess Meadow would not have been mown to the ground again in full bloom - see Ilford Recorder for a good account of same - Found you Best Wishes Richard C

  2. The Council planning Dept seems to be creating Fortress Redbridge

  3. It's an unmanned fortress, then.