Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Roding Runners and Riders

I’m quite looking forward to see how the Roding Ward by election pans out. It will be a marker in several different ways in a ward that might not exist, at least in its present form, come the next local elections in 2018. Click on the links for a report from the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian on each candidate’s priorities.

The Comeback Kid?

Since 1994 it has been a Liberal Democrat stronghold, with a very good Focus team and councillors who put in a shift and get out to meet the residents. But the coalitions with the Conservatives, both in government and here in Redbridge, didn’t do them any favours and last time out this was one of the seats they lost to the Conservatives. It will be interesting to see if there is a Liberal Democrat bounce, which I am half expecting, and if so, how big it is. Their Candidate this time is Richard Clare who stood for them in the 2015 general election for Ilford North, of which Roding is a part.

The Status Quo?

It was the Conservatives who benefited in both South Woodford wards at the last local elections in 2014, which perhaps was to be expected as up to 1994 they were traditionally Conservative areas. The Conservatives too have a vibrant, young action team plus an experienced candidate in former Aldborough ward councillor Ruth Clark; who knows a thing or two about roundabouts and Egg Whisks having been a key player in the Gants Hill regeneration project. Can she keep a steady ship and repel boarders to retain the seat for the Conservatives?

A new Kid on the Block?

For Labour it will be a test of their first ever Redbridge majority administration at exactly the half way point. From the days when they would come a poor third (the lone Green beat all three in 2006 and even St. Wes of Streeting couldn’t break through in 2010) they have, if you look closely at the figures, been steadily closing the gap. I am not aware of any specific Labour team in this neck of the woods but they do have a well-oiled, slick and mobile campaign team and seem to be able to call in troops from other boroughs much better than the other parties. They have a young, fiery and energetic candidate in Lloyd Duddridge who will be looking to join a very short list of Labour councillors elected in a Woodford ward.

With all due respect to the other candidates (below) we are looking here at a very close contest between these three, and we can also expect a reasonable turn out for a by election as it coincides with the Mayor and London Assembly elections.

The other candidates though, will play their part. The Greens tend to do better in London elections and this could well improve their performance here, plus they do have some effective local campaigners. For UKIP, who admit they are pretty thin on the ground, the EU referendum issue could well benefit their final tally. And they could both benefit from the exposure of their London campaigns. Their candidates are respectively Barry Cooper (left above) and Jonathan Seymour (centre above). The final candidate is Marilyn Moore (right above) of the All People’s Party of whom I know little about.


  1. Marilyn Moore was a Labour Party member in Ilford South up until March 2016. Somebody should seek clarification on this point and ask her why she's now standing as a candidate for a party that nobody has heard of. Best of luck to all candidates.

  2. The labour candidate seems to having a problem with an anti Semitic comment or two on face book. The local papers are saying thatched wrote "the mail is full of stupid Jews". He also wrote about Michael Grade "another Jewish Tory". Very unpleasant language and the local Labour Party seem happy with his comments.

    1. The report in the WW Guardian is here click.

      Read the comments ...

  3. His argument is that his Facebook comment "the mail is full of stupid Jews" is out of context with the conversation. Perhaps, but he has to prove that by releasing the full conversation. Have not seen anything so one could assume it's just an excuse.

    He has not even apologised if there is offence.

    He is in favour of developing houses on green belt land and James Hawkey hall.

    1. The latter two points are a legitimate political position. You can agree or disagree and campaign/vote accordingly.
      The first point is problematic. As I understand it the conversation was via "private" messages on facebook, so not public.
      That the other correspondent chose to make one snippet public, and not the whole conversation, says much more about their motives.

  4. Lloyd Duddridge is standing for a council seat. Public or private if he says "the mail is full of stupid Jews" that should be open for the voters to take a view of his character. He has so far refused to disclose the entire conversation. What is he hiding? I find his language offensive.